Jeden z miesięcznych raportów jakimi się wymieniamy z naszymi partnerami


Over the last month, along with the students we focused on discussing metaphors hidden in our chosen books.
How does reading them can carry our consciousness and deprive us of existential anxiety.
Fear of death.
Not sure tomorrow.
Depression, laziness, discouragement.
Accompany us different weaknesses.
We learned to overcome them with the wisdom hidden in the books.
We distributed a questionnaire and received a lot of feedback opinion.
We see that this kind of action brings results. Students really appreciate the opportunity and inspiration form this project.
Common cooking, we did halva (Greek sweetness, remember we ate it together in Volos), this halva in one of Warsaw’s library opens at heart of listeners.
In the name’s of our students we want to thank you for everything, a tear in his eye appears when I think of you….your kindness and love what you’ve got…
Thank You, thank You, thank You….

Your well wisher



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