Inne zakończenie Greg Zorby

After this Zorba friend Basila lived in the land of Avanti. Although he was rich, he was extremely miserly, and he would not spend even a penny for the pleasure of his community; rather, he was always engaged in accumulating wealth. When his children grew up, they became very perturbed by his behaviour, and his neighbours, family members and others in the community also became opposed to him. Because he did not pay his taxes, even the royal servants opposed him. One day, due to ill fortune, his house burned down, and his family and community members rejected him. However, due to some good impressions from previous and the influence of the association of Zorba, he accepted the grek dress of one in the renounced order. On the instruction of his master, he engaged in devotion to the Supreme Lord and began to see with equal vision friends and enemies, happiness and misery, good and bad, and himself and others. He remained satisfied even when the people from his own village mistreated him while he was begging. They would call him an impostor and a cheater, and they would throw stool and urine into his begging bowl instead of foodstuffs. Yet with an undisturbed mind, he always meditated on God and finally he attained eternal service to Absolut – Mukunda.



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